Here are some of the most common or frequently asked questions about arranging a golf trip to Myrtle Beach. We hope you find this informative. You can always reach us at 800-394-3764 if you have more specific questions.


MYRTLE BEACH INFO – Average Temperature Highs (In degrees Fahrenheit, based on 30 years of data).
Annual Averages: Sunny days 215.

CONFLICTING GOLF COURSE REVIEWS – on different Internet websites. What should I believe? The Internet has some good and some bogus information. Many chat room postings are negative…that’s normal as many people vent their frustrations. Some organizations give skewed personal recommendations based on financial considerations. Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” and your GolfMasters lay it on the line…the good, the..... Read More »
WEATHER REFUNDS – Beware of any competitor’s legal language that reads… “NO REFUNDS FOR ANY UNUSED portion of package!” 90% of our competitors keep ALL of your monies regardless of the weather conditions. We don’t believe it’s fair… do you? The Golden Rule applies for us. If GOLF TREK isn’t charged by the course… then you get a REFUND!
The Key in playing 2 rounds on the same day is IF you have time to actually PLAY 2 courses, eat lunch and travel between the courses. You’ve got to start early in the morning. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME STARTS the 1st Sunday in April and ENDS the LAST Sunday in October. DAYLIGHT in FEBRUARY, MARCH and NOVEMBER is RESTRICTED. If..... Read More »
Weekend Tee Times (Thursday-Sunday) are very tight in the Spring and Fall. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you PRE-BOOK GUARANTEED AFTERNOON REPLAYS. Saturday Afternoon (Friday Night Partying) and Sunday morning (everybody leaves for home in the afternoon) are the toughest tee times to obtain. Friday and Saturday night is the best night to party as most clubs stay open till..... Read More »
A surcharge is an additional fee you pay over and above the base cost of golf when you choose to play premium courses. Surcharges reflect a higher cost of green fees than what is included in the base price non surcharge courses. Some surcharge courses are worth paying the extra surcharge fee, SOME ARE DEFINITELY …NOT! Want to save money..... Read More »
If you owned a golf course would you only open 1/2 of your course? If a course (probably like your home course) books STRAIGHT THRU tee times with everyone teeing off on hole #1 that means the back nine holes will be closed for the first 2 1/2 hours in the morning. By double teeing off #1 and #10 simultaneously,..... Read More »

Spouses will not be charged for any golf if they don’t play; therefore, we will gladly arrange a price for any non-golfer based on lodging only, as long as there are some golfers in the group. Non-golfers will be charged a cart fee at the course if they ride along at the golf course.

TEE TIME SCHEDULING? Tee times are normally scheduled 8 minutes apart. This equates to 7 tee times per hour or 17 tee times during the morning from 7:00 am to 9:20 am. 17 tee times off hole #1 and 17 tee times off hole #10 are double teed. Depending upon daylight, tee times are then rescheduled in the afternoon. Shorter..... Read More »
Are subject to availability on the day you play. To increase your chance of replay, play early, 1st out is 1st back in and has 1st chance of replay…. Choose courses that have multiple courses or sister courses nearby. Play courses where local members don’t take the majority of the afternoon times… or get a guaranteed replay with a Golf..... Read More »

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