Double Tee or Crossover Tee times in Myrtle Beach

The majority of golf courses around the country utilize single tee times at their courses. You are familiar with this procedure at your home course. Under this tee time system, everyone starts from the 1 st tee and plays the course in order by hole until you reach and finish the 18 th hole.

In tournaments, you may have started playing with a shotgun start, where everyone starts on a different hole. This tee time system allows the players to finish about the same time.

Double Teeing or Crossover Tee Times are different words but mean the same thing. At 7 A.M., the starter will send a group to the 1st tee and a group to the 10th tee. Every 8 to 10 minutes another group will tee off until the course is full. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to fill the course. At that time, tee times are discontinued for the
morning. Players starting on the 1 st tee end their first nine at hole # 9 and then proceed to the 10th hole for their back nine. The players starting on the 10th tee finish their first nine at the 18th hole. They then proceed to the 1 st tee to finish their final nine holes. If both groups arrive at the same time they will pass each other or

Tee times will resume at noon and go to 2:20 P.M. as double tee times are resumed. The courses plan for you to play in 4 hours and 30 minutes. The interim 30 minutes will allow the course personnel to unload your clubs, clean the cart, inspect the cart, recharge the electric carts if needed and then get the cart back to the bag drop.. to start it’s second journey of the day.

Why do the courses use the double tee system ? Easy answer.. MORE PLAYERS =s MORE MONEY. A simple equation. Would you leave your back nine unplayed for the first 2 1/2 hours of the day .. or would you rather have an additional 68 to 72 golfers playing. For most courses that means an additional $ 7,000 to $ 15,000 on most days. As Jack Nicholson said…Crystal Clear. That’s why they got the gold and they make the rules !