Valley at Eastport Golf Course Review

#6 with LighthouseGolfmaster Gary’s “Bang for the Buck”

Do you like to have fun and play lots of golf for short money?

The Valley at East Port is a top Myrtle Beach value; its 36-hole rate can’t be beat.  Located just across the street

from our Sleep Inn Hotel, this course offers great golf and location, location, location!  Close to central (about 25 minutes) and even closer to numerous lodging options in the area including units that will sleep 8-12-16-24. The Valley at East Port is also located very close to a number of our other top value northern tier myrtle beach golf courses such as the Pearls, Sea Trail, Crow Creek, Farmstead, and Meadowlands, to name a few.

#9 EastportNovember 2, 2016 80 Degrees and overcast

I had not golfed here since the management change and I had forgotten how much fun this lay out is.  The new management team is doing everything right, from the tee box to the green.  This course is in fantastic shape!  It’s a classic style course but has a great combination of  “ Grip and Rip it” holes and those holes where you have to use your head and play it smart.  This is not a long course so you’ll get to use your lower and mid irons after you drive and you can save your hybrids to tee off on a few holes. I  love the variety of shots you can hit here and love
the fact that I don’t have to use a hybrid on every hole to get to the green in regulation…this course is about having fun.

My 3 Favorite Holes

#8 a short grip and rip par 4 but beware there is a sneaky bunker at 1 o’clock about 90 yards from the green and more bunkers beyond on the right side. A draw might get you blocked out on the tree line side…a soft fade will put you short of the bunker, in position for a short to medium iron to an elevated green.

#9 outstanding hole which contours to the left but the green is off to the right …the best  tee shot is a hard draw… if the big tree on the left doesn’t bother you? There is a ton of room out to the right but a hard fade or a low missile might find water that lines the fairway on the right side all the way to the green. The green is narrow but deep from front to back with a severe back to front hump towards the back of the green …check then pin location prior to you’re a approach. If you end up long. on the back,  a hot chip or putt will trundle 60 feet away from the
pin on the front of the green.

#18 A bit of a snaky par 5. You’ll have to cross water twice and only the longest of hitters will get there in 2…with a perfect tee shot.   To get there in 2 you will have to carry the water in front of the green, which is guarded, by 3 bunkers on the left. The smart move is to lay up for a short approach to a large green. The back porch of the club house is a great spot to watch your buddies bring it home on 18.

Just remember Golf Master Gary’s 2 golden rules; #1 if you see a sand trap, hit your ball OVER the trap and #2 don’t hit your ball  in the  water!  It’s a simple game!

The Valley at East Port is not for everyone, no course is.  This is a great course for mid handicappers looking to maximize their buck on the 36-hole rate and the novice golfer looking to play a shorter course for not a lot of money.  This course will also work out nicely for lower handicapped players looking for a warm-up or just off the plane or out of the car round.

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#18 Valley at Eastport Myrtle Beach