International Golf Club of Myrtle Beach Course Review

Our featured golf course of the week is one of our long time favorites in the International Club of Myrtle Beach.

The international club is one of our favorite Myrtle Beach Golf courses for a variety of reasons:

  • Most always have the best rolling greens on the beach
  • Friendly lay out to higher handicappers, while providing a good challenge for the more skilled players
  • Center Beach location, makes for an easy trip to the course
  • Range Balls included as a part of the package
  • Expansive clubhouse, perfect for the after round drink and food

For a limited time only, we are running a Spring Special for the golf course.  20% off for all spring bookings… enables you to play the golf course for $59 all spring! 

Check out our latest Myrtle Beach Golf Course Review of the International Club of Myrtle Beach, by click this link.

For more details on the golf course, you can check it out on our website by clicking here:  International Club Golf Course of Myrtle Beach

Black Bear Golf Club Review

Black Bear Golf Course Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

This week’s installment of our Myrtle Beach Golf Course Review is Black Bear Golf Club. Black Bear appeals to a wide range of golfers for a variety of reasons. You may have played it a long time ago…under another name. It was originally called the Gauntlet with a logo of a red rose and and an iron fist. Then it became Myrtle West, and they had a white covered bridge as you entered the golf course. The name was changed to avoid confusion with other area golf courses. It’s gotten over it’s identity crisis and has been known as Black Bear Golf Club for the past 15 years.

Black Bear is an easy drive out of North Myrtle Beach and also a great choice for those driving into town from the North. Right on Hwy 9, it’s very easy to find and enjoy.

Highlights of Black Bear Golf Club:

  • Friendly layout and friendly people
  • Very little trees
  • Wide Fairways
  • Excellent Restaurant
  • Nearly PERFECT Greens
  • No houses
  • Challenging Finishing Holes
  • Some Rolling Hills
  • Not a ton of sand traps

Golf Special for Black Bear Golf club: 36 holes including cart for $59 per person ALL Spring. Or if you want to play it in the afternoon $45 per person.

Check out the video review with Local Golf Pro Meredith Kirk.  Enjoy!

Thistle Golf Club Review

Check out one of our latest golf course reviews of Thistle Golf Club.  This is a top 5 facility in all of Myrtle Beach, and must be given some serious consideration for your next Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation.  Thistle easily has the best 19th hole as their clubhouse rivals some of the best private clubs in the country.  They even imported their bar from Ireland as the course is a tribute to the home of links golf.

Fortunately, the golf course is what keeps people coming back.  With 27 holes to play, it will keep you busy all day.  The conditioning is one of the most attractive parts of the course.  You can see from the video of what a high quality product Thistle has to offer.

One of the most refreshing characteristics of the golf course is the pace of play.  In this day and age, it seems so many courses are packing as many groups as possible on the course, but the Thistle delivers a speedy pace of play.  We played it recently and despite a sold out golf course, we never waited on a shot.  That makes your round of golf a whole lot more enjoyable.

Golf Trek has a spectacular rate for Thistle, when combined in our golf packages.  Depending on the time of year, you can play Thistle for as cheap as $74 per person inclusive of cart.  The rate in the peak season isn’t all that crazy either.  Thistle, previously, was a semi private course, but under new ownership it’s flourishing.  They have opened up the tee sheets and want to get everyone to come out and play.  We certainly think the rate is attractive enough to appeal to a wide audience and should be considered for your next Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation.

Check out the below video review of the golf course.

Sandpiper Bay Golf Course Review

Check out our latest edition TV broadcast showcasing Sandpiper Bay Golf Club.  This video reviews the latest course conditions, and happenings at our of our favorite Myrtle Beach area golf courses.  Our show airs weekly on Comcast.  Check your local listings.  It is currently showing on MASN (Mid Altantic Sports Network) and ROOTS sports.  If you can’t pick it up on your local TV…we will be sharing the shows on our website and via you tube.

As the weather is becoming more like Winter, this will keep you primed for the Spring golf season.  Enjoy!

Tips For Getting The Best Price On Golf Packages

If you have already planned your Myrtle Beach golf vacation, this information will keep you up to date. If you are still thinking about planning a trip, the following is full of ideas for you and your group. It’s not too late to get away for a trip to Myrtle Beach and to enjoy the variety of golf courses and classes available including beginner classes that start with the basics of how to hold a golf club properly.


There are hundreds of organizations booking golf packages on the Grand Strand. Ninety percent of these people work for hotels, motels, condos or property management companies. Their overriding primary concern is to rent their rooms first and foremost. The game we love – golf – is an afterthought. Then there are the golf travel agents, of which Golf Trek is one of the largest at the beach.


We specialize in golf. Since 1979, Golf Trek has booked more than a million rounds. No hype, shinola or bull – those are the straight facts. Almost 30 years of golf knowledge tempered by playing thousands of local rounds, working closely with course owners and being at the forefront of many golf promotional organizations has put the Golf Trek GolfMasters in a unique position with many courses and lodging providers. This is just the start of the preferred pricing advantage that Golf Trek “golf nuts” like yourself will enjoy.


To find out more about our exceptional Myrtle Beach golf packages just take a look at our website. We are also happy to serve you directly. Just call us at 1-800-394-3764 for personal service with your questions about Myrtle Beach golf.

Myrtle Beach Golf Getaway

Concierge Group for your Myrtle Beach Golf Getaway

Myrtle Beach golf getaway

?#@*&%! – where are my clubs?

You checked your clubs with your airline and you arrived safely.  You are ready for your Myrtle Beach golf getaway.   You are the last one standing, looking at the baggage carousel go around and around.  But your clubs never appeared.  Your heart sinks, this is your annual Myrtle Beach golf trip.  Your buddies even hassle you.  It happens.  Ask Roy McIlroy.  He had this misfortune when he arrive in Dublin, Ireland for a tournament.  It turned out happily for him after some angst.  GolfTrek has an answer for you.

But what about your clubs?

Think you would get all the attention that Rory got?  Actually the answer is yes, but you have to plan for that.  Here’s how.  There are better solutions than forking over your dollars and clubs to your airline.  Better yet, your clubs can get right to your final destination and return without you even having to fuss with them.  The Beach Concierge Group in Myrtle Beach provide a host of services that take the hassle out of your Myrtle Beach golf getaway.  One is taking care of your golf clubs from your home to your destination and return home, saving you the hassle and it is cheaper than your airlines charge.  Ship them before you leave and you know they are there before you board your plane.  How’s that?  Listen up Roy.  And cheaper too?  You may not be on the way to a tournament, but we bet you want your clubs to arrive as much as Roy does.  Don’t miss a tee-time waiting at the airport for those clubs.  Your nerves need to be steady when you take that first swing.

Contact the Beach Concierge Group can take those clubs off your hands and get them to you easily enough.  Check them out  GolfTrek recommends them to you.  Now, enjoy your Myrtle Beach golf getaway.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

The  USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards said Myrtle Beach is the top destination for its golf-loving readers.

 In Myrtle Beach, there seems to be a golf course around every corner, and with some 100 area courses, the perception’s not far from the truth. Pretty much every notable golf architect has a course in the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ and a majority are public, making a golf trip to Myrtle Beach an affordable option.

That’s the sentiment of golf-loving readers and that may also be you.

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages


Many have booked Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

The top five winners were all east of the Mississippi.  All five are in the warmer year-round golfing and beach destinations.  Myrtle Beach golf packages are always in season.  There is a season for everyone.  GolfTrek’s experts can get you or your group on the greens quickly.

Why Myrtle Beach and why book Myrtle Beach Golf Packages now?

If you have ever been to the Grand Strand in the fall, you should return again.  If not, explore the possibilities and the great package arrangements available from GolfTrek.  Explore GolfTrek’s offerings and get our expert GolfMasters involved to help you arrange a package for you, or your group.  Fall is in the air and you can be here too, putting your clubs to good use.  Are they sitting in your car or garage with you wishing you had them on a green?  Will you be wishing you had pulled off another golf vacation before calling it a season?   The Myrtle Beach golf courses are open and waiting.  You deserve it.  So, try it, you’ll know what the USA Today golf-loving readers are saying.  Myrtle Beach golf is number one.

Idle Clubs can be a target for non-golfers

So get them in use so they don’t go wandering.


Fall 2014 Myrtle Beach Golf Weather

Cherry Grove Pier Myrtle Beach

Cherry Grove Pier Myrtle Beach

The fall equinox is September 23 and your Myrtle Beach summer has been extended at bargain prices.  Think fun and savings, especially for Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach. GolfTrek can arrange any size plan for you or your group’s golf package at Myrtle Beach. Play on pristine Myrtle Beach courses under blue skies, warm days and cool nights, accommodations are affordable, the crowds have thinned and you have it easy.  It is no secret if you have ever stayed beyond Labor Day in Myrtle Beach, SC and played any of our Myrtle Beach golf courses.  If you are looking for 60 miles of coastline and appreciate learning about the best kept secret that the locals know firsthand, then look no more.  You know now.  Now all you have to do it step up and join the locals for another the rest of summer with its warm days and cool nights.  Enjoy the many opportunities for leisure, golf, nature, and strolls.  Learn about the campaign called “The Secret’s Out: 60 More Days of Summer,” that begins on September 1 with its many opportunities.

Pawleys Plantation: Marshside Jewel of the South Strand

The Grand Strand is home to over 90 golf courses.  Not all are luminaries in the golf world, but a very high number of them can be considered “must-see” and those high-mark courses are scattered throughout the region, from Pawleys Island in the south up to Calabash, North Carolina.  In the former area sits Pawleys Plantation, one of two Jack Nicklaus Signature courses on the Grand Strand.  Since it opened in 1988, Pawleys Plantation has entranced golfers with the beautiful natural setting it enjoys and confounds others with the challenge it poses.

As its rating and slope figures suggest, Pawleys Plantation is one of the most difficult courses on the Grand Strand.  But instead of beating hapless players over the head constantly, it gives the golfer, regardless of handicap, opportunities for glory while punishing carelessness and poor execution sternly.  It is this judiciousness that earns it an especially lofty reputation among the many high-level amateurs and mini-tour pros who spend time in the Myrtle Beach area.  There are some holes where it is necessary to hit quality shots, of course, but there are a number of other holes where prudence is rewarded.

The par 5 fourth hole is a perfect example of the latter dynamic.  Playing 543 yards from the back “Golden Bear” tees and a more sporting 468 yards from the middle “White Egret” tees, it features a string of three fairway bunkers that sit in the middle of the fairway, forcing an interesting decision off the tee.  Hit for the narrower, lower left-hand fairway and the chance to reach the green in two shots increases.  Hit for the safer right side and play the hole as a standard three-shotter.  Many golfers get wide eyes off the tee and try to take the short route by slinging a drive right-to-left, only to end up in the deep fairway bunkers with little hope of making birdie.

Any discussion of Pawleys Plantation would be incomplete without due mention of perhaps the single most iconic hole on the Grand Strand, the 145-yard 13th.  The putting surface, part of a double green with the 16th, juts out into the expansive marsh that separates the mainland from Pawleys Island proper.  That green is effectively an island–miss it and you will likely be heading for the drop area.  Hit it and you will have a good chance to make birdie.  It is one of the few holes the author has seen that would yield more double bogeys than bogeys in a major amateur or professional tournament.  This factor causes it to be a somewhat polarizing hole, but if you play the proper set of tees, it can be safely navigated more often than seems likely.

Until the last 18 months, Pawleys Plantation operated as an independent, semi-private facility.  As such, a limited maintenance budget saw some areas of the course fail to reach peak potential of upkeep.  But since National Golf Management purchased the course, proper attention has been paid to all aspects of the golf experience, including a recent project that renovated the entire practice area, from enlarging the putting green to rebuilding the short game area to expanding the grass teeing area for the driving range.

At the far end of that range sits the facility for the Phil Ritson-Mel Sole Golf School, which has been operation since 1991 and boasts locations in Atlanta, Greenville, S.C., Ellicottville, N.Y. and Mexico in addition to its post at Pawleys Plantation.  Add to this a stately clubhouse with a full-service pro shop, the Palmetto Pub and a gracious and professional staff and it is easy to understand the respect Pawleys Plantation receives from locals and visitors alike.

Golfweek Ranks Eight Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Among Top 15 in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of America’s most golf rich states, and much of its bounty can be found in the Myrtle Beach area.

Golfweek magazine just released its 2013 ranking of the Best Courses: State by State, and Myrtle Beach golf courses claimed eight of the top 15 spots in the Palmetto State.

Golfweek ranked Caledonia as the third best course in the state, followed by the Dunes Club (No. 5), True Blue (No. 6), Tidewater (No. 7), TPC Myrtle Beach (No. 9), Love Course at Barefoot (No. 12), Fazio Course at Barefoot (No 14), and Grande Dunes Resort Course (No. 15).

Each of the eight courses have been ranked among America’s Top 100 public courses by either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine in recent years.

Caledonia and True Blue are sister courses, both designed by the late, great Mike Strantz. The South Strand layouts, located less than a mile apart, offer two distinct experiences. Caledonia weaves through the grounds of an old rice plantation, taking advantage of the Lowcountry’s abundant beauty, while True Blue is a modern design, featuring wide fairways, large greens and Strantz’s trademark visuals.

Dunes Club, the primary host of the 2014 PGA Professional National Championship, is the area’s most decorated course.  The Robert Trent Jones, Sr. design is a consensus top 100 layout and has hosted PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA Tour events.

Tidewater is arguably the Grand Strand’s most scenic layout. With holes that play along Cherry Grove Inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway, in addition to offering views of the Atlantic Ocean, Tidewater is a stunning design.

The Love and Fazio courses anchor Barefoot Resort, one of golf’s premier four-course resorts. Davis Love III crafted his first high profile design at Barefoot and the results were spectacular, particularly the fourth through sixth holes which play around the faux ruins of an old plantation home.

The Fazio Course, as visually pleasing at it is challenging, is one of two Myrtle Beach layouts designed by Tom Fazio on the Golfweek list, joining TPC Myrtle Beach. TPC, which was recently ranked as one of America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses by Golf Digest, has hosted the Senior Tour Championship as well.

Grande Dunes’ Resort Course, also a host of the PGA National Championship in 2014, has been one of the area’s most popular courses since its 2001 opening. With seven holes that play along the Intracoastal Waterway, it’s an unforgettable layout.

Leopard’s Chase at Ocean Ridge Plantation was ranked the fifth best course in North Carolina. The Tim Cate design is the fourth and most popular Big Cat at Ocean Ridge Plantation.