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Myrtle Beach Golf Courses (Thistle) Par 5

The GOLFMASTERS  took on the challenge of The Thistle on Friday the 13th of November.   We were to play the toughest Scottish links course under Scottish conditions with wind chill in the low 40’s, a stiff 25 – 35 mph wind with mist, then drizzle and finally rain.  Truly miserable Scottish conditions at the beach.  Hurricane Ida had just cleared the area and was headed north.   6 inches of rain over the preceding 48 hours had us on the cart paths with lots of walking thru some unplayable lies.

The  Thistle is a 27 hole gem with lots of Scottish grasses, large waste bunkers, some pot bunkers and some huge undulating greens where you can easily have putts over 100 feet.  We started out in the Scottish pub with a roaring fireplace and a sumptuous lunch and brew.  We watched the plentiful large screen tv’s…looking for the weather channel updates.  Tee times are 12 minutes apart and you never see the group that teed off in front of you.  The large Scottish bar in the pub was brought over from the old country and is quite a sight.   To help with the rigid conditions we played a Texas 2 ball tournament with only one player beating par…GOLFMASTER JIM  with a 66.

The Thistle is a semi private club with the clubhouse being split in half for the members on one side and the resort players on the other.   You come thru a private gate to get into this prestigous neighborhood and the stone Scottish clubhouse.  The main hall has the history of Scottish golf with clubs and balls going back into the 1700’s… what a history lesson.  The day was finished off in front of a roaring fire on the veranda outside porch overlooking the finishing 18 th hole.  The story of the day was that we survived….

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