Getting the best rate on your golf package

Getting the Best Rate How to get the best deal on a golf package.

Greetings Fellow Golf Nuts,

If you have already planned your trip, this information will keep you up to date. If you are still thinking about planning a trip, the following is full of ideas for you and your group. It’s not too late to get away for a trip to Myrtle Beach and to enjoy the variety of golf courses available.

Getting the Best Rate

There are hundreds of organizations booking golf packages on the Grand Strand. 90% of these people work for hotels, motels, condos or property management companies. Their overriding primary concern is to rent their rooms..first and foremost. The game we love..GOLF is an after thought. Then there are the golf travel agents, of which GOLF TREK is one of the largest at the beach. We specialize in golf.

Since 1979, GOLF TREK has booked over a million rounds. No hype, shinola or bull – those are the straight facts. Almost 30 years of golf knowledge tempered by playing thousands of local rounds, working closely with course owners and being at the forefront of many golf promotional organizations has put the GOLF TREK GolfMasters in a unique position with many courses and lodging providers. This is just the start of the preferred pricing advantage that GOLF TREK "golf nuts" like yourself will enjoy.

Afternoon specials, Early Week specials and Promotional Affiliated Course specials are utilized by your GOLFMASTERS in various combinations to get the very best courses for the very best package price. Each year, the Golf Course Owners Association identifies 12-16 different time periods to apply to their course rates. We’d prefer only the 4 seasons… but those that hold the gold make the rules. GOLF TREK then negotiates preferred contract rates and specials with the individual courses.

Afternoon specials normally start just after 12 Noon at various courses. Afternoon course specials can save you up to 60% or more over morning rates. Eat a late breakfast, hit the range to improve your game, shop at our numerous golf discount stores or just get some more ZZZZZ’s. Play in the warmer afternoon weather and save B I G Buck$.

Early week specials on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday can also save you a lot of cash. Most golfers arrive for their weekend golf package on Thursday. That opens up good valuable tee times for RESORT PLAYERS in the early part of the week. Many courses offer early week specials….Ask your


The third rate saving possibility gives your GOLFMASTERS the greatest advantage in booking superb courses for your golf outing. Promotional group rates, if booking 3 or more courses within an affiliated group of courses can save you again meaningful $$ per player at some of the top courses.

Your group can play surcharge courses at non surcharge rates during various times of the year. Play better courses for less money….NOT a bad deal. There are 10 major affiliated course groups from which your GOLFMASTERS can make recommendations to you.

Combine GOLF TREK’s volume purchasing with these super specials in your budget and your group could be playing some of the best top rated 4 and 4 1/2 star rated courses on the Grand Strand.


Myrtle Beach adds direct flights for upcoming Golf Season

In response to the increased demand for flights directly into Myrtle Beach, two airlines have added daily flights to service golfers during the busy Spring golf season. Spirit Air has direct flights daily from Boston, New York’s LaGuardia, Atlantic City, and Detroit.

Myrtle Beach Direct Air offers direct flights from Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls/Buffalo and from Newark NJ on a seasonal basis just make it all that easier to get here.

Continental, US Airways, United, Northwest, Delta/Comair also service Myrtle Beach from different locations.

In addition, most of the flights arrive in time such that you will have plenty of time for an afternoon round of golf. Also on the day of departure they give you enough time to get in that one final morning round before heading back home.

For questions about these flights or any other travel options, please call your Golfmaster!

We will look forward to hearing from you. We are constantly on top of golf course conditions and maintenance events such that we try to do our best to insure the BEST playing conditions. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.,

Play Well and Often ………..Hit ’em long and straight

Your GolfMasters at GOLF TREK


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